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Garden State Open (10/18/14) Garden State Open (10/18/14)

CrossFit 908 (NJ). October 18th, 2014. The 3rd annual individual competition!

Life Behind Bars (09/27/14) Life Behind Bars (09/27/14)

CrossFit Burleson (TX). September 27th, 2014. A men’s-only competition!

TriathaWOD (08/16/14) TriathaWOD (08/16/14)

CrossFit Warrior Pride Fitness (GA). August 16th, 2014. Rowing, Airdyne and running!

Aggression Games: Who Is Stronger? (08/23/14) Aggression Games: Who Is Stronger? (08/23/14)

CrossFit Meadowlands (NJ). August 23rd, 2014. A CrossFit Total event!

Olympic Weightlifting Event (08/02/14) Olympic Weightlifting Event (08/02/14)

CrossFit Chico (CA). August 2nd, 2014. A non-sanctioned event!

Battle On the Brazos (08/30/14) Battle On the Brazos (08/30/14)

CrossFit Misfits (TX). August 30th, 2014. A competition as part of a fitness expo!

Rock ‘N WOD 2 (10/25/14) Rock ‘N WOD 2 (10/25/14)

CrossFit Instinct (IL). October 25th, 2014. Individuals and teams!

Festivus Games (10/18/14) Festivus Games (10/18/14)

Many CrossFits. October 18th, 2014. A national competition for novice and intermediate athletes!

Box Battles (08/24/14) Box Battles (08/24/14)

CrossFit Ark (CAN). August 24th, 2014. A 2-person team event!

Cross-Out Alzheimers (09/06/14) Cross-Out Alzheimers (09/06/14)

Three Notch CrossFit (GA). September 6th, 2014. An Alzheimers fundraiser!

WODktoberfest 3 (10/04/14) WODktoberfest 3 (10/04/14)

CrossFit Fortis (CAN). October 4th, 2014. Includes masters and teens!

Partner Throwdown (09/20/14) Partner Throwdown (09/20/14)

CrossFit South Lewisville (TX). September 20th, 2014. A 2-person team event!

Liberty Box League (09/13/14) Liberty Box League (09/13/14)

Liberty Box League (USA). September 13th, 2014. Regional leagues!

Pretty Gritty (09/20/14) Pretty Gritty (09/20/14)

Vault CrossFit (CA). September 20th, 2014. A 2-person team event!

CNY Throwdown (08/09/14) CNY Throwdown (08/09/14)

Burn City CrossFit (NY). August 9th, 2014. A Salvation Army fundraiser!

Operation Menage-A-WOD (08/09/14) Operation Menage-A-WOD (08/09/14)

Blue Titan Fitness (NJ). August 9th, 2014. A fundraising event!

Civil War – Fire Team Edition (09/04/14) Civil War – Fire Team Edition (09/04/14)

CrossFit Surf City (CA). September 4th, 2014. A 4-person team event!

Glen Memorial WOD (09/13/14) Glen Memorial WOD (09/13/14)

Mountain Strength CrossFit (MA). September 13th, 2014. A fundraising event!

Thunder On the Hill (09/13/14) Thunder On the Hill (09/13/14)

CrossFit Fayetteville (AR). September 13th, 2014.

Kettlebell Klash (10/25/14) Kettlebell Klash (10/25/14)

Blue Star CrossFit (TX). October 25th, 2014. Individual and ladies teams!

Summer Sizzler FireBreather (08/16/14) Summer Sizzler FireBreather (08/16/14)

Advanced Performance CrossFit (OH). August 16th, 2014. Divisions for all!

Blue Cooler Throwdown 4 (11/15/14) Blue Cooler Throwdown 4 (11/15/14)

CrossFit Berzerk (FL). November 15th, 2014. Individuals and teams!

Silver Showdown (09/13/14) Silver Showdown (09/13/14)

CrossFit 317 (IN). September 13th, 2014. A 2-person masters team event!

Epic Showdown (11/15/14) Epic Showdown (11/15/14)

CrossFit Bayside (NY). November 15th, 2014. A City Harvest fundraiser!

Mountain Melee (10/18/14 and 10/19/14) Mountain Melee (10/18/14 and 10/19/14)

CrossFit Pocono (PA). October18th and 19th, 2014. Teams and masters!

Field of Teams (11/07/14 to 11/09/14) Field of Teams (11/07/14 to 11/09/14)

CrossFit Kilo (IA). November 7th to the 9th, 2014. A 6-person team event!

Functional Fitness Challenge (09/06/14) Functional Fitness Challenge (09/06/14)

Calapooia CrossFit (OR). September 6th, 2014. A free event!

Battle of the Boxes 3 (08/16/14) Battle of the Boxes 3 (08/16/14)

AMRAP Fitness (NY). August 16th, 2014. A 4-person team event!

Central Coast Clash (08/23/14) Central Coast Clash (08/23/14)

CrossFit Ventura (CA). August 23rd, 2014. A 2-day event!

Premier Fitness League (starts 11/13/14) Premier Fitness League (starts 11/13/14)

Premier Fitness League (ONLINE). Starts November 13th, 2014. A team event!

Keystone State Classic (09/27/14) Keystone State Classic (09/27/14)

Stroud CrossFit (PA). September 27th, 2014. A 4-person team event!

Team Grit (09/27/14 and 09/28/14) Team Grit (09/27/14 and 09/28/14)

CrossFit Oyster Point (VA). September 27th and 28th, 2014. A 3-person team event!

The NorthEast Masters Classic (09/21/14) The NorthEast Masters Classic (09/21/14)

CrossFit 508 (MA). September 21st, 2014. A masters-only event!

Civil War 2 (09/20/14) Civil War 2 (09/20/14)

Maximum 3 CrossFit (TX). September 20th, 2014.

Battle for the Hill (08/10/14) Battle for the Hill (08/10/14)

Capital City CrossFit and ML CrossFit (IL). August 10th, 2014. A 2-day event!

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