Friday, February 12, 2016

World War Fit

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Top Gun (04/30/16) Top Gun (04/30/16)

CrossFit Wingman (MA). April 30th, 2016. A partner competition!

Derby Day Throwdown 2 (05/07/16) Derby Day Throwdown 2 (05/07/16)

Charter Oak CrossFit (CT). May 7th, 2016. A partner competition!

Spring Fling (04/23/16) Spring Fling (04/23/16)

CrossFit Akylas (PA). April 23rd, 2016. Team event with cash prizes!
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Spring Fling (04/16/16 and 04/17/16) Spring Fling (04/16/16 and 04/17/16)

CrossFit 607 (NY). April 16th and 17th, 2016. A USAW sanctioned meet!
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Southern Oregon Slam (04/02/16) Southern Oregon Slam (04/02/16)

CrossFit Steelhead (OR). April 2nd, 2016. A partner competition!
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Long Island Masters Team Competition (06/04/16) Long Island Masters Team Competition (06/04/16)

CrossFit Sanctuary (NY). June 4th, 2016. A masters partner competition!

St. Paddy’s Throwdown 2 (03/26/16) St. Paddy’s Throwdown 2 (03/26/16)

CrossFit Craic (MA). March 26th, 2016. A partner competition!

Combat in the Creek 2 (04/23/16 and 04/24/16) Combat in the Creek 2 (04/23/16 and 04/24/16)

CrossFit Oak Creek (WI). April 23rd and 24th, 2016. Individuals and teams!

Butts and Guts (04/16/16) Butts and Guts (04/16/16)

Savin Rock CrossFit (CT). April 16th, 2016. A fundraising competition!

Barbells For Bullies (06/11/16) Barbells For Bullies (06/11/16)

CrossFit Octopus (GA). June 11th, 2016. A competition to support our furry friends!

The Fittest In West Texas (02/19/16 and 02/20/16) The Fittest In West Texas (02/19/16 and 02/20/16)

Inferno Fitness (TX). February 19th and 20th, 2016. A 2-day event!

Route 66 Showdown (06/04/16) Route 66 Showdown (06/04/16)

CrossFit St. Robert (MO). June 4th, 2016. Rx, scaled, men and women!
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Rookie Cup (04/03/16) Rookie Cup (04/03/16)

Revere CrossFit (MA). April 3rd, 2016. A co-ed team competition!

Masters Team Throwdown (05/21/16) Masters Team Throwdown (05/21/16)

CrossFit 321 (ME). May 21st, 2016. A partner competition!

Summer Slam (06/11/16) Summer Slam (06/11/16)

CrossFit By the Sea (NJ). June 11th, 2016. A partner competition!

The Locomotive Games (05/07/16) The Locomotive Games (05/07/16)

The Train Station (OH). May 7th, 2016. A 4-person team competition!
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Beach Town Throwdown (05/07/16) Beach Town Throwdown (05/07/16)

CrossFit Port Orange (FL). May 7th, 2016. Elite, Rx and scaled!

Hopper Clash (05/14/16) Hopper Clash (05/14/16)

CrossFit Laurel (MD). May 14th, 2016. A head-to-head tournament!

Girls Gone Rx: Pensacola (04/02/16) Girls Gone Rx: Pensacola (04/02/16)

Anthem CrossFit (FL). April 2nd, 2016. An event for the ladies!

Battle of the BAEs (04/23/16) Battle of the BAEs (04/23/16)

Power Pack CrossFit (NJ). April 23rd, 2016. A co-ed partner competition!

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