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Sunday, August 30, 2015

World War Fit

Recently Added

C3 (10/24/15) C3 (10/24/15)

CrossFit 754 (GA). October 24th, 2015. In the North Georgia mountains!

Halloween Havoc (10/31/15) Halloween Havoc (10/31/15)

CrossFit Okoboji (IA). October 31st, 2015. All events released!

Tuff Stuff Ohio (09/19/15) Tuff Stuff Ohio (09/19/15)

Tuff Stuff Events (OH). September 19th, 2015. A 3-person and partner team event!

The Beast of the East 5 (10/10/15 and 10/11/15) The Beast of the East 5 (10/10/15 and 10/11/15)

CrossFit Hartford (CT). October 10th and 11th, 2015. Cash prizes and new location!

Ghouls and Gals 2 (11/07/15) Ghouls and Gals 2 (11/07/15)

CrossFit Proven (PA). November 7th, 2015. A 4-person team event!

Elysian Games 2 (09/13/15) Elysian Games 2 (09/13/15)

CrossFit Felix (WA). September 13th, 2015. Individual, team and kid divisions!

Safe Haven Showdown (10/10/15) Safe Haven Showdown (10/10/15)

CrossFit Iron Sharpens Iron (TX). October 10th, 2015. A fundraising charity competition!

Live Long Die Strong (10/03/15) Live Long Die Strong (10/03/15)

CrossFit Bethel (CT). October 3rd, 2015. Cash prizes to top finishers!

The Zombie Games (10/24/15) The Zombie Games (10/24/15)

The Zombie Games (CA). October 24th, 2015. Advanced, intermediate and beginner!

Wodtoberfest 3 (10/03/15) Wodtoberfest 3 (10/03/15)

Q2 CrossFit (MI). October 3rd, 2015. Same-sex or co-ed partners!

Thin Blue Line Throwdown (09/05/15) Thin Blue Line Throwdown (09/05/15)

CrossFit SPRAG (TX). September 5th, 2015. A partner fundraising competition!

GreenLight Games (10/24/15) GreenLight Games (10/24/15)

CrossFit Green Light (GA). October 24th, 2015. Individual and team divisions!

Duality 3 (09/12/15 and 09/13/15) Duality 3 (09/12/15 and 09/13/15)

Trinity Competitions (TX). September 12th and 13th, 2015. A partner competition!
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Wicked WODfest (10/24/15) Wicked WODfest (10/24/15)

O-Side CrossFit (NY). October 24th, 2015. A same-sex partner event!

Bird Day Beatdown (11/21/15) Bird Day Beatdown (11/21/15)

CrossFit Pinellas (FL). November 21st, 2015. 3 WODs + floater!

O-Town Throwdown (11/07/15) O-Town Throwdown (11/07/15)

CrossFit 407 (FL). November 7th, 2015. A same-sex partner event!

Battle of The Ages (10/24/15) Battle of The Ages (10/24/15)

CrossFit J 1:9 (AL). October 24th, 2015. An age competition!

The Wild West Throwdown 2 (10/11/15 and 10/12/15) The Wild West Throwdown 2 (10/11/15 and 10/12/15)

CrossFit Ruk (KS). October 10th and 11th, 2015. A 4-person, co-ed team event!

WOD-O-WEEN Throwdown 2 (10/25/15) WOD-O-WEEN Throwdown 2 (10/25/15)

Old Colony CrossFit (RI). October 25th, 2015. Rx, scaled and masters!

Girls Gone Rx Williamsburg (09/12/15) Girls Gone Rx Williamsburg (09/12/15)

Drachen CrossFit (VA). September 12th, 2015. A 3-person team event for ladies!

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